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Hailing from Westchester, NY, Sabrina Khan is currently a Senior studying Art & Design and Entrepreneurship. She loves all genres of music, but is currently jamming out to Young the Giant & Frank Ocean. In addition to MUSIC Matters, Sabrina is involved with the Dean's Advisory Board, MESO & Kappa Kappa Gamma. When she's not talking about how cool MUSIC Matters is, you can catch her listening to good music, eating all things chocolate, and seeking out new adventures. She looks forward to an incredible year of MUSIC Matters with the greatest team by her side.



Matt is a senior hailing from Cleveland, OH and majoring in economics. He originally joined MUSIC Matters because he wanted to make an impact on the campus community and help create an engaging atmosphere for students. Beyond his role in MUSIC Matters, Matt considers himself an amateur film critic and an honorary member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is most looking forward to the creation of MUSIC Matters' summer camp for Detroit youth, set to launch in the summer of 2017.



Matt Ladis is a junior studying economics with a minor in music, hailing from Miami, FL. He plays the guitar & alto sax and loves all types of music, with Kendrick, Phish, & Miles Davis as some of his favorites. He joined MUSIC Matters to learn about the entertainment industry and booking a concert; however, the thing he has enjoyed most is the sense of community and leadership skills that MUSIC Matters fosters. He’s pumped to be treasurer and to help make SpringFest 2017 a banger.



Zach hails from South Elgin, IL, a suburb of Chicago, and is currently a junior studying business. He joined MUSIC Matters after being asked, "Hey do you want to help bring Grammy-winning artists to campus?" while wandering around Festifall as a freshman. Outside of MUSIC Matters, Zach enjoys listening to Kanye and playing intramural soccer. This year he is most looking forward to broadening the fundraising base and putting on a bigger and better SpringFest.


sophia eisenberg - university relations CHAIR

Sophia Eisenberg hails from of Princeton, New Jersey and she is currently a Senior double majoring in Political Science and Psychology with a minor in Crime and Justice. Sophia is Chair of the University Relations committee and works to strengthen the respective relationships MUSIC Matters has with different University units. When Sophia is not working on all things MUSIC Matters related, you can find her either volunteering in prisons throughout the state of Michigan, volunteering for SAPAC, or managing the risk of members in her Sorority.



Hannah is a Senior majoring in Communication Studies from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She joined MUSIC Matters as a freshman because she was drawn to the innovative way this organization uses music to unite campus. One of Hannah's proudest contributions is adding an annual fashion show to SpringFest and bringing all four fashion organizations together for the first collaborative event.  She looks forward to working with this year's incredible leadership team to bring MUSIC Matters as a whole to the next level.



Jenny Friedman is a Senior in the Ford School of Public Policy, with a focus on Health Policy. She came to the University of Michigan from New Jersey, and now considers Ann Arbor home. She joined MUSIC Matters so that she would get to help organize concerts on campus, and remained a member after learning about all of the other great initiatives of the club. Jenny loves going to concerts, watching movies, eating chocolate, and she can’t wait to spend more time hanging out with her friends in MUSIC Matters this year!



Austin is a G-rap native (aka Grand Rapids) in his fourth year at the university, studying Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences. Since being inspired by Jack Black in The School of Rock, Austin has wanted nothing more than to be involved with music. He spends his free time watching music videos, riding his cherished orange bike through campus, and playing with his cat Jefferson. Austin loves to hear about any sick new music or opinions on headliners for Springfest; reach out at any time! He is excited to see MUSIC Matters accomplish great things this upcoming year.



Katherine Kampf was born and raised in the recently-crowned-NBA-champion city of Cleveland, OH and is currently a Senior studying Computer Science. Although lacking in any musical abilities, she has always appreciated the community building power of music and philanthropy, making MUSIC Matters a perfect fit. As Head of Tech, it's only fitting that she enjoys working on new technology projects in her spare time, along with running, soccer, and reading. She's extremely excited to see what MUSIC Matters can accomplish in its sixth year and is looking forward to constantly expanding the organization's technical reach!


SCOT Freysinger - springfest chair

Scot is a senior studying Computer Science from Houston, TX. He joined MUSIC Matters his sophomore year because he wanted to bring more concerts to campus and because he wanted to get more involved with community service in Ann Arbor and Detroit. When he's not working on SpringFest, Scot watches too much football and does too much homework. His goal for this year is to put on the most diverse and engaging SpringFest yet.


Naresh Iyengar - Social Ventures Chair

Naresh is a Junior from Lansing, Michigan studying economics. He joined MUSIC Matters because he is passionate about making a difference in the community, and MUSIC Matters provides a very unique opportunity to do so. In his free time, Naresh likes to watch sports and go to concerts. His favorite memory from MUSIC Matters is driving MIGOS around town before the 2016 concert. This year, Naresh is most excited about creating new ways for MUSIC Matters members to create positive social change on campus.




Maria Malinowski - Chief of Staff Senior Producer

Maria is a junior from Troy, Michigan studying business. Maria joined MUSIC Matters because she has always loved music and wanted to combine this with her business interest and desire to help build a strong community. In her spare time, Maria enjoys running and is also involved in Greek life and various business organizations. This year, Maria is most excited about being in a position to help strengthen member engagement and watching SpringFest continue to evolve.


Zach Moore - Creative Director

Zach Moore is a junior who hails from Lake Orion, Michigan, and is studying economics and American cultures. He joined MUSIC Matters to surround himself with those who share his love of music in an extremely creative and collaborative environment. And while he no longer plays guitar, Zach tries to get as close to music as possible as a concert photographer and has photographed artists such as Paul McCartney, Mumford & Sons, and Zedd. This year, he is most looking forward to seeing the organization and its brand grow even bigger, and impact campus in greater ways.



Daniel Grimes is a junior studying Economics and Organizational Studies. In Dan’s free time, you’ll catch him playing his keyboard or talking about sustainability. His favorite time of the day is between 9pm and close because that's when the moz sticks at Bdubs are $3. More seriously, Dan believes that passion and positivity guarantee happiness, so he involves himself only in things he believes in - one of those being MUSIC Matters.


Audrey Swain -University Relations Senior Producer

Audrey is a Junior from Brighton, MI studying psychology, sociology and minoring in entrepreneurship. Audrey joined MUSIC Matters because it combines her love of music with her love of community service. Audrey is a TV enthusiast and enjoys days spent on the lake. Audrey is excited to see the MUSIC Matters summer camp come to life this upcoming year.



Sonum is a senior studying Business and is currently Head of University Funding on the University Relations committee! She enjoys listening to music and binge-watching TV on a regular basis (she likes to call herself an avid Friends quoter). Her favorite genre of music is practically every genre, as she loves Chance the Rapper, Biggie Smalls, Iron & Wine, Bob Marley, and many more. Outside of MUSIC Matters, Sonum is a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity on campus.



Page is a current Junior from Battle Creek, Michigan pursuing a major in Screen Arts and Cultures with a minor in Performing Arts Management.  Page joined MUSIC Matters because it allows her to better her community through the medium of music, and wanted to help enrich the engagement of art and community service on campus. In her free time, Page enjoys watching old movies, searching for new tunes and attending live performances.  She is beyond excited to watch the growth of MUSIC Matters throughout the year and can't wait for the launching of MUSIC Matter's camp for underprivileged Detroit youth this upcoming summer 2017.                           



Flora is a junior from Saginaw, MI majoring in communication studies with a minor in performing arts management. Flora joined MUSIC Matters because she saw it as a way to combine her love for music and passion for making a change. Flora enjoys reading and volunteering for numerous organizations. This year, Flora is looking forward to promoting MUSIC Matters events in order to expand the organization’s audience to continue to build on MUSIC Matters success.   


Shruthi Jasti - Communications Senior Producer

Shruthi is a Junior from West Bloomfield, Michigan studying computer science and statistics. Shruthi joined MUSIC Matters because of her love of music and because she loved the idea of using music as a means to promote positive change for the community. When she's not stressing out over school, she loves to go to the gym, dance, watch shows on Netflix, and try out new restaurant in Ann Arbor! This year, Shruthi is most excited about spreading our message and expanding our reach across the campus.


Nathan Samoy - Communications Senior Producer

Nathan is junior from Plymouth, MI majoring in computer engineering. You can almost always find him listening to music of all kinds, and he's always on the lookout for the next concert in town. Nathan joined MUSIC Matters last year as a way to get involved in the community and share his love for music. He's passionate about organizing music events around campus and can't wait to see what this year brings!



Ayla hails from Chicago (suburbs) and is currently in her sophomore year. She discovered MUSIC Matters upon hearing Kanye playing at their Festifall booth, and joined once she saw that they combined two of her favorite things: philanthropy and music. In her free time, Ayla enjoys listening to any genre of music; right now she’s loving Sufjan Stevens and Anderson .Paak. She’s most excited about working to bring SpringFest to the next level this year!


Natasha Desai - SPRINGFEST Senior Producer

Natasha Desai hails from Columbus, OH though she sincerely promises you that she has never been a Buckeyes fan. The junior's academic endeavors include Communications and International Studies. Some could make a strong case that she is a diagnosable TV addict, but she prefers to go by the term "television enthusiast (or fanatic)”. She joined MUSIC Matters because she loved the thought of bringing everyone together on campus for a charitable cause.

will j.jpg


Will Juang is originally from Ann Arbor. This year, he will be a senior in the School of Information and is pursuing a minor in Statistics. While not being able to play the drums on easy mode in Rock Band, rap/hip-hop from the 2000s got him interested in music and influenced him to bring his talents to MUSIC Matters. His favorite MUSIC Matters experience was listening to Luke Christopher last year while eating his taco from El Taco Veloz. In his third year in MUSIC Matters, he is again a Senior Producer for the Head of SpringFest Experience portion of SpringFest and looks to make this year’s SpringFest the best one yet!



Elizabeth Morand is a senior double majoring in Earth and Environmental Sciences and Program in the Environment. She joined MUSIC Matters because when was she was a freshman, she experienced SpringFest and realized how cool it would be to be able to help make it happen. Liz is also involved with her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Epsilon, a geological sciences honor fraternity and enjoys working out and reading. This year, she is looking forward to witnessing the continued evolution of SpringFest and meeting new members!  


Grant Rivas - SPRINGFEST Senior ProducER

Grant is a Sophomore originally from Danville, California pursuing a major in PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics). Grant joined MUSIC Matters because he is passionate about the University of Michigan community and wanted to help put on an event which brings all of campus together. Outside of MUSIC Matters, Grant is involved with the Central Student Government and is a Wolverine Support Network leader. This year, Grant is most excited about unifying campus by bringing together a diverse group of student orgs at Springfest!


Madeline Heller - Fundraising Senior Producer

I am a sophomore from Bloomington, Illinois studying business. I sang in different musical groups in high school, so I joined MUSIC Matters because it merged my interest in business with my love of music. I am also involved with greek life and other business orgs on campus. I'm looking forward to planning our new fall concert and using that opportunity to strengthen corporate partnerships.


Rachel Ordan - Fundraising Senior Producer

Rachel is a sophomore from Maryland, though she’ll tell you she’s from DC, and is studying Philosophy and English.  She joined Music Matters to combine her love of music with her passion for community involvement, and she thinks it might be her best shot at meeting Beyonce.  Outside of Music Matters, you can find Rachel doing improv, listening to early 2000’s R&B and Hip Hop, or watching old episodes of The Office.  Rachel cannot wait to help spearhead the corporate fundraising team and raise money for SpringFest, open mic nights, and our summer leadership camp.



Austin is a junior from Clarkson, Michigan studying business. Austin joined MUSIC matters because of his love of music and desire to use his business interests to help fundraise for a cause. Austin enjoys photography and restoring classic cars with his grandfather. This year, Austin is most excited about finding new ways to grow and expand the letter based fundraising campaign.


Michelle Vander Lugt - Fundraising Senior Producer

Michelle is a Junior from Troy, Michigan studying industrial and operations engineering. Michelle joined MUSIC Matters as a way to connect with a smaller community on campus that shares similar passions for music, business, and community service. When Michelle is not playing with her betta fish Biggie, you will find her watching her favorite TV show Orphan Black. For the upcoming year, Michelle is excited to see how fundraising is going to progress and expand by reaching out to larger organizations and groups.


Wendy Ishmaku - Social Venture Senior Producer

endy is a sophomore from Grosse Pointe, Michigan studying business. Wendy joined MUSIC Matters after hearing the leaders passionately talking about the community outreach aspect of the club, and wanted to become just as involved in bringing social change. Wendy’s favorite MM memory was seeing the clubs and organizations come together for SpringFest at the end of the year, and watching MM’s wide membership working together towards the same goal. This year Wendy is looking forward to getting to know the rest of the leadership team and working on the "possible selves" camp to be implemented next summer.


Jason Kertayasa - Social Venture Senior Producer

Jason is a third year Mechanical Engineering Major from Fremont, CA. He joined MUSIC Matters because he loves music and wants to allow students to enjoy concerts on campus. His favorite MUSIC Matters memory was preparing for SpringFest and seeing all the hard work pay off. This year he is excited to plan the summer camp for Detroit youth.



Colin Maloney - Social Venture Senior Producer

Colin is a business major from Cleveland, Ohio.  He joined MUSIC Matters because he wanted to be a part of a growing organization where he could make an impact.  As an art & design minor, he also enjoys drawing and painting in his free time.  This year, he is looking forward raising awareness about the MUSIC Matters Scholarship in Detroit high schools.



Ella Bruining is a junior with a double major in English and American Culture and a minor in Performing Arts Management, and hails from the notoriously cold land of northern Michigan. She joined MUSIC Matters as a freshman in the hopes of spreading awareness and appreciation for both local and widespread artists and sounds. When she's not in the stacks or working on MM, Ella enjoys hammocking, attending concerts, singing, and playing guitar. 



Neud is a senior from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan studying biopsychology. Neud joined MUSIC Matters because he was drawn to the combination of music and community service. In his spare time, Neud can be found on the lifeguard stand, on the basketball court, or kicking it on his hammock. This year, Neud is looking forward to securing an amazing venue for this year’s show!


James Miller - Talent & Concert Senior Producer

James is a junior studying business and hails from Midland, Michigan.  James joined MUSIC Matters as a way to continue his involvement in music and in hopes of being one step closer to dropping a single with Kanye.  Having no meal plan, James has most recently spent his spare time mastering the art of crock pot cooking.  This year, James looks forward to helping MUSIC Matters evolve and hopes to capture the university's music sentiment with an artist selection that truly impresses and unites the Michigan community.  



Sam is sophomore from Port Washington, NY, currently studying media communications. Sam joined MUSIC Matters for his passion and interest in the music industry, as well as for the opportunity to help power the importance of live music within the community. In his spare time, Sam enjoys searching for & listening to new talent. This year, Sam is most looking forward to building a larger MUSIC Matters presence within the local community, music industry, and beyond.



Carly Shapiro was born and raised in Orlando, FL. She is currently a Senior studying Communications and Music. She has always had a huge passion for music, singing in choir in both middle school and high school. She also hopes to build a career in the business side of the music industry. At the beginning of her freshman year, Carly was told about MUSIC Matters by a friend, and was instantly attracted to the combination of two things she was extremely passionate about, philanthropy and music. She hopes to help MUSIC Matters extend its reach and grow even more.