Social Venture

MUSIC Matters maintains a constant focus on giving back to our community. In addition to monthly volunteering events, a few of our largest endeavors are highlighted below.

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community partnership

In the fall of 2017, MUSIC Matters launched the CoMMunity Partnership, with the goal of maximizing the organization’s social impact on campus and within the local community. The CoMMunity Partnership is a grant that MUSIC Matters offers to one student organization on the University of Michigan’s campus in order to fund a specific project related to the mission of that organization.


MOvE (Michigan Overnight Experience)

In the summer of 2017, MUSIC Matters launched its program, Michigan Overnight Experience (MOvE). MOvE is a pre-college program that provides high schoolers with an opportunity to spend an exciting night in Ann Arbor, tour campus, build friendships, and learn valuable information about the college application process from University officials and current students. We hope that every student who attends will learn more about themselves and can look back on their time at MOvE with positive memories.



In 2013, MUSIC Matters presented the MUSIC Matters Big Thinkers Scholarship, a student-funded, need-based endowed scholarship –one of the first of its kind. As members of MUSIC Matters, we understand the value of our experience here at U-M. Our $50,000 endowment will allow students to share in this tradition regardless of their financial situation. With the ever-growing issue of college affordability, we are confident that our scholarship will make a true difference on campus.



In 2012, MUSIC Matters donated $10,000 to the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Ernestina Parravano Patient Assistance Fund, a designation that helps low-income families pay for the cost of health care services. As the very first MUSIC Matters donation, we wanted to collectively choose a fund that would create the biggest impact for families in need.