Cultivating community


The concept of MUSIC Matters grew out of a recognition— by a group of 10 freshmen in their crummy dorms during 2011— that there was a significant “market need” for concerts in Ann Arbor.

Though, in addressing this market failure, an even larger “student need” was brought forward that they could simultaneously address: most student-invented social ventures never progressed out of ideation phase due to lack of infrastructure to support those types of activities. We came to believe that if you could create an entrepreneurial student organization that could pull together and organize a concert “for charity,” you’d be attracting the same types of students who would also want to use the proceeds from those concerts to fund innovative student ideas on how to positively impact the world.

These issues are what helped fuel our flagship event, SpringFest; a SXSW-style gathering designed to promote innovation, creativity, and community while displaying the achievements of University students. The day's festivities are capped off with a massive benefit concert from a major headlining artist, with proceeds going to a unique philanthropic cause selected and designed by MUSIC Matters members. Each year SpringFest continues to expand and brings MUSIC Matters closer to its vision of hosting the world's preeminent, multidisciplinary festival, attracting some of the brightest minds in the world.