Social Ventures

MUSIC Matters uses music to unite the campus and spark social change. The proceeds from our events go towards funding and running our own Social Ventures.  

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community partnership

In the fall of 2017, MUSIC Matters launched the CoMMunity Partnership, with the goal of maximizing our organization’s social impact on campus and within the local community. The CoMMunity Partnership is a $2,500 grant used to help a selected student organization on the University of Michigan campus make strides to further their mission. By offering both funding and manpower from our organization, MUSIC Matters hopes these partnerships will ultimately make positive change in the community.  


MOvE (Michigan Overnight Experience)

In 2016, MUSIC Matters launched Michigan Overnight Experience (MOvE). MOvE is a pre-college program that provides high schoolers with an opportunity to spend an exciting weekend in Ann Arbor each summer. The students get to tour campus and learn valuable information about the college application process from University officials and current students, all while building friendships in the meantime. We hope that every student who attends this program will learn more about themselves and create new goals and ideas for their future.



In 2013, MUSIC Matters presented the MUSIC Matters Big Thinkers Scholarship, a student-funded, need-based endowed scholarship that is one of the first of its kind. As members of MUSIC Matters, we understand the value of our experience here at U of M. Our $50,000 endowment allows both incoming and current students to take part in this tradition regardless of their financial situation. With the ever-growing issue of college affordability, we are confident that our scholarship makes a true difference on our campus.



In 2012, MUSIC Matters donated $10,000 to the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Ernestina Parravano Patient Assistance Fund, a designation that helps low-income families pay for the cost of healthcare services. As this was the very first MUSIC Matters donation, we wanted to choose a fund that would collectively create the biggest impact for families facing challenges in our local community and medical campus.