MOvE provides high schoolers with an opportunity to spend a weekend in Ann Arbor, tour campus, strengthen friendships through bonding activities, and learn valuable information about the college experience and application process from University officials and current U of M students. Based on data collected from camper feedback forms, every high schooler who attends learns more about themselves, the college application process, and the benefits of a college education. The program aims to create a positive perception of the college experience in the minds of MOvE's attendees, and to inspire them to maintain higher education as a priority in their respective futures.

MOVe goals

  1. Learn invaluable information about the path to college: how to get there, why it's important, what opportunities exist on campus.

  2. Gain resources and connections to help stay on track throughout high school and following the program.

  3. Explore potential majors and career paths that are available at UM and beyond.

  4. See the most exciting and innovative areas of UM and Ann Arbor to help imbue the "work hard, play hard" mentality.


  • What is MOvE?

    • MOvE is a program that provides high schoolers with an opportunity to spend an exciting night in Ann Arbor, tour campus, build friendships, and learn valuable information about the college application process from University officials and current students. We hope that every student who attends will learn more about themselves and can look back on their time at MOvE with positive memories.

  • Who is eligible?

    • This program is for rising 10th graders.

  • What is MUSIC Matters?

    • MUSIC Matters is a student-run non-profit at the University of Michigan that uses the power of music to unite campus and spark social change.  We put on events ranging from Open Mic Night to SpringFest (a huge lifestyle festival hosting ~10,000 people and ending in a benefit concert with arts like J Cole, Migos, and Louis the Child). Our proceeds go towards our Social Ventures, which include a scholarship, a grant program, and MOvE.

  • When will MOvE take place?

    • MOvE typically takes place in the first few weekends of May.

  • What is the cost of MOvE?

    • Free! MOvE is funded by the proceeds of MUSIC Matters’ annual concert.

  • Will transportation be provided?

    • Yes. Students will be picked up from a designated location and returned there.

  • Will food and housing be provided?

    • Yes, students will have the opportunity to stay in the U of M dorms and enjoy meals at the University dining halls.

  • Why should I come to MOvE?

    • The answer to this question will vary from person to person, but MOvE will provide a unique opportunity for students to:

      • Visit Ann Arbor & The University of Michigan

      • Experience a night on a college campus

      • Learn more about the college application process

      • Explore the potential majors and career paths available to you

  • What will I be doing at MOvE?

    • We want MOvE to be an exciting, engaging and educational experience for every attendee. We have activities ranging from exploring Ann Arbor to learning more about different majors and career opportunities that are available.

  • What is a Junior Counselor?

    • After the success of the first ever MOvE, we wanted to incorporate past campers and keep them involved with the Michigan experience. Past campers are now able to apply to be a Junior Counselor. They will join us at MOvE to act as mentors for new campers while simultaneously continuing to learn and grow as leaders themselves.