Our Team

MM Leadership 2019-2020


Ayla Ahmed- Co-President

Ayla Ahmed is a senior studying business from Chicago, IL. She initially joined MUSIC Matters because she loves concerts, but has found the community-building spirit of the club to be most engaging. In her free time, Ayla can be found scouting out new coffee shops, reading, and making killer Spotify playlists. She can't wait to work with the team to make this year the best yet!



Grant Rivas- Co-President

Grant Rivas is one of the Presidents of MUSIC Matters and a senior in the Ford School of Public Policy. Grant joined MUSIC Matters because he is passionate about the University of Michigan community and wanted to help put on events that brought campus together. Outside of MUSIC Matters, Grant loves to collect records and is passionate about mental health advocacy. This year, Grant is most excited about collaborating with University partners and creating mentorship opportunities for MM members.



Graham Wolff- Treasurer

Graham Wolff is a junior from Brooklyn, NY studying Political Science. Graham joined MUSIC Matters to learn about the music industry, to help engage the U of M community through music, and to try to make some meaningful impact through MUSIC Matters for those with less opportunities. In his spare time, Graham enjoys finding and listening to new talent, going to concerts and talking about Chicago sports and Michigan football. Graham is most excited about incorporating innovative and creative ways to fundraise.



Adam Seltzer - Chief of Staff

Adam Seltzer, our Head of Membership Development, is a junior from Bethesda, MD majoring in Organizational Studies and pursuing a Sales & Marketing certificate. Adam joined MUSIC Matters at the start of his freshman year due to his interest in the intersection of entertainment and social responsibility. When he's not learning the words to a new Nicki Minaj rap, Adam enjoys working out, being with friends, and browsing online music forums. He is also a Group Leader in the Wolverine Support Network.




Christi Suzuki - Fundraising Chair

Christi Suzuki is a senior from beautiful Honolulu, HI double majoring in Economics and Communications. Christi joined MUSIC Matters because she loved the idea of being able to contribute to a festival and concert experience that is conscientious of, and actively working to better, its community. In her free time, she also works with SHEI Magazine, and enjoys beaches, marine conservation, befriending people with HBO access, and Marvel Entertainment. This year she is excited to expand MM's fundraising efforts further than ever before.



Kayla Ladis - Head of Grassroots Fundraising

Kayla Ladis is an incoming LSA junior from Miami, Florida. She is studying Sociology with a subplan in Law, Justice, and Social Change. Kayla is in an cappella group on campus and loves singing, performing, and listening to music of all kinds.



Austin Camerini- Head of Corporate Sponsorships

Austin is a sophomore from New Rochelle, NY studying Statistics. Austin joined MUSIC Matters as a freshman after seeing the club's unique combination of embracing music culture and promoting positive change for the Michigan community. In his free time, Austin likes to play sports, vibe to good music, and spend time with friends. This year, he is excited to communicate and work with the club's corporate sponsors, both new and old.



Jack Finkel - University Relations: Major Schools and Colleges

Jack Finkel is head of University Relations - Major Schools and Colleges as well as a double major in math and data science. When he is not working on MUSIC Matters or on his studies, Jack can be found biking and running around the Huron River in Ann Arbor. Jack has high hopes for this year's university sponsors and hopes to improve upon last year's success.


Vinayak (vin) Kannan - University Relations: Specialty Units and Programs

Vinayak is a Junior from Tokyo, Japan studying Business and Computer Science. As an avid instrumentalist, he was drawn to MUSIC Matters for the group's dedication to promoting the arts in Michigan. During his downtime, he enjoys working out, playing around with Betterment, and listening to political broadcasts. This year, Vinayak is excited to help develop younger members in MUSIC Matters to better prepare the organization for the future.




Amanda Gross- Marketing Chair

Amanda Gross is a junior from Bethesda, Maryland who is majoring in Communication and minoring in American Culture. She joined MUSIC Matters because of her love of concerts, Michigan, and philanthropy. Amanda is a writer for Spoon University, a brunch enthusiast, and a binge-watcher. This summer, she had the pleasure of interning in the Washington D.C. office Finn Partners, a communications agency. She couldn't be more excited to lead MUSIC Matters' marketing team this year as they market exciting events and help spread the MUSIC Matters mission.



Belinda Jiang - Head of Public Relations

Belinda Jiang is a Junior studying Communications and Psychology, pursuing the Ross Sales Track. This year, she is the Head of PR on the Marketing Team. Belinda joined MUSIC Matters because of the camaraderie, and stayed for the industry opportunities. When she’s not working on the latest marketing campaign for MM, she is actively leading in a variety of other campus organizations or crying in the library (just kidding (only a bit)).



Tal Lipkin - Head of Social Media

Tal Lipkin is a sophomore and the Head of Social Media for MUSIC Matters. She is planning to apply to the Ford School of Public Policy. Tal has been involved in MUSIC Matters since first semester freshman year, and plans to stay involved until senior year. She loves MUSIC Matters and the community and all of the opportunities the club has given her.



Lucy Freeman - Head of Guerrilla Marketing

Lucy is a sophomore studying Communications, Performing Arts Management, and Writing. She is excited to make Guerrilla Marketing for MUSIC Matters more environmentally friendly, and to better reach the student population. Lucy joined MUISC Matters the first semester of her freshman year and immediately fell in love with the organization’s mission and activities. She is excited to continue to contribute and grow the organization this year!



Michael Barsky - Creative Director

Michael Barsky is a sophomore from Washington D.C. studying UI/UX design. Michael joined MUSIC Matters because it lets him combine his love for music and community service with his passion for art and design. In his spare time, Michael enjoys going to concerts, taking photos, and is also a college influencer for Warner Music Group. This year, Michael is most looking forward to expanding our creative endeavors.


Social ventures


Katie Swartz- Social Ventures Chair

Katie is a senior from Sterling Heights, Michigan pursing a degree in nursing. She joined MUSIC Matters her freshman year because of her love of using music as a means of connecting with others, and stayed because MM strives to use music as a means to do good for the greater community. Outside of MM, you can find Katie making fire Spotify playlists, learning to play the ukulele, or caring for patients over at the University Hospital. By combining her passion to help others and her love for music, Katie is excited to expand MM’s social outreach initiatives.



Lucie Rosenthal - Head of CoMMunity Partnership

Lucie is a junior from Huntington Woods, MI who is majoring in Sociology with minors in Writing and Community Action & Social Change. Lucie joined MUSIC Matters because it perfectly combines two of her greatest passions: live music and social impact. During her free time, you can find Lucie making chocolate chip banana bread, playing Just Dance, or watching old vines. As one of the Heads of CoMMunity Partnership, Lucie is looking forward to creating a larger Social Ventures presence within MM and taking the CoMMunity Partnership to greater heights.


Noah Dobbertin - Head of CoMMunity Partnership

Noah Dobbertin is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. Noah originally joined MUSIC Matters as a way to meet more people interested in music. Outside of MM, Noah is the fundraising chair for The Pearl Project and does ophthalmology research through the multidisciplinary program. Over the past few years, he has become really involved in MUSIC Matters because it is incredible how we are able to use music to connect our campus and in turn make an impact in our community.



Kat Stone - Head of MOvE

Kat Stone is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, MI studying psychology with a minor in biology. Kat joined MUSIC Matters because she wanted to make a positive impact on her community and quickly fell in love with Social Ventures and MOvE. In her free time, she loves listening to music, spending time with her friends, and binge-watching in bed. She is excited to work with the amazing SV team this year and can't wait to see MOvE become even better.



Matt Szuromi- Head of Scholarship and Engagement

Matthew Szuromi is a junior at UM studying Physics. He joined MUSIC Matters to help the community in a positive way. This year, he is excited to expand the impact of the club's social ventures initiative in his role of Scholarship and Engagement. His celebrity crush is Omarosa Manigault Newman.



Anuksha Singh - SpringFest Chair

Anuksha Singh is a senior from Plainsboro, New Jersey studying Business. Anuksha joined MUSIC Matters because it allowed her to combine her interests in music and philanthropy while meeting other students with similar passions. In her free time, Anuksha likes to play volleyball, make Spotify playlists, workout, and go hiking. This year, Anuksha is looking forward to making SpringFest more engaging and meaningful for festival goers and participants. She also hopes to see a badass female headliner for the night concert.



Megan Miller- Head of Brand Partnerships

Megan Miller is a senior from Grand Rapids, MI studying Biomedical Engineering. She initially joined MUSIC Matters because her roommate forced her to, but stuck with it because she quickly fell in love with the social venture aspect of MM. During her free time, you can find Megan binge watching tv shows, hanging out with friends, and spending money on things she doesn't need. This year, she is most looking forward to making SpringFest as engaging and memorable as possible.


Gabby Franco - Head of SpringFest Experience

Gabby Franco is a sophomore from Manhattan Beach, CA hoping to study within the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics major. Gabby joined MUSIC Matters because of her passion for performing & attending live music shows and her interest in becoming a music lawyer. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, running, and looking at pictures of giraffes. This year she looks forward to making the daytime festival more interactive and exciting for the Ann Arbor community.


Ben Goldstein - Head of Student Organizations

Ben Goldstein is a junior from Westport, CT studying Communications and Business. Ben joined MUSIC Matters because it combined two things he's passionate about: producing entertainment-oriented events and giving back to the community. Outside of MUSIC Matters, Ben is an active member of the University of Michigan Sailing Team and is a brother in the Alpha Phi Omega community service fraternity. This year, Ben is looking forward to working closely with student organizations to create engaging events throughout the year and at SpringFest.


Tabitha Hendren- Head of Community Engagement

Tabitha Hendren is a junior from Troy, MI studying Biomedical Engineering. She joined MUSIC Matters because it is the perfect combination between spreading music and positivity on campus while also giving back to the community. When she's not working with her other organization, Out of the Darkness, she's most likely on north campus doing research or procrastinating on Spotify AND Apple Music. Tabitha is looking forward to an even more impactful year and being able to share her love of MUSIC Matters' social ventures with the whole community.


talent & concert

Gabby Franco MM

Marty Hubbard - Talent and Concert Chair

Marty Hubbard is a senior at Michigan studying Music, Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Performing Arts Management. Here at MUSIC Matters, he serves as the Talent and Concert Chair. Marty joined MM because he wanted to stay involved in music, and loved the philanthropic work the club does. Outside of MM, hw enjoys playing on the Ultimate Frisbee team, playing guitar, and watching Michigan beat Michigan State on game days.



Ashvin Sharma - Head of Artist Discovery

Ashvin Sharma is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering. He is an international student originally from India, but he grew up in Bangkok, Thailand for most of his life. Ashvin’s current role in MUSIC Matters is Head of Artist Discovery as a part of the Talent and Concert committee. He joined Music Matters because of my love and passion for music. Ashvin wanted to continue to study engineering without losing interest in music, and MUSIC Matters is the perfect platform for him to indulge in his hobby while advancing his career. He is a part of other organizations like Michigan Hyperloop, loves any type of watersport you can think of, and has a great passion for racing cars.



Levi Getz - Head of Sales and Promotions

Levi Getz is a junior majoring in Economics, and minoring in both Performing Arts Management and the Ross Minor in Business. Levi initially joined MUSIC Matters to learn about the business side of the music industry, but remained in the club because of the relationships he made with his peers and to make a long-lasting impact on campus. In his free time, Levi enjoys spending time with his friends, playing strategy card games, and playing musical instruments such as the violin, guitar, and piano.


Danny Ivanov- Head of Local Talent

Mike Perlman is a senior studying Performing Arts Technology and Jazz/Classical Double Bass. Mike originally hails from Fairfield, CT, a suburb of New York City dubiously proclaimed by hometown hero John Mayer as ‘the home of the blues’. Growing up in a musical family, Mike has been surrounded by song for as long as he can remember, beginning his musical career at thirteen sharing the stage with his parents' band. This year, Mike is most excited about hosting a new series of local concerts around and outside of Ann Arbor.


Clare Duckworth - head of production

Clare is a senior from Boston, MA studying Communications and Spanish. Clare joined MUSIC matters after realizing her desire to work in the entertainment industry and help bring people together through music. In her spare time, she likes to write, speak Spanish, dance, go to concerts, hang with pals, and eat dumplings. This year, Clare is most excited about her role in executing the most legendary SpringFest line-up to date.