Our Team

MM Leadership 2019-2020

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Amanda Gross - Co-President

Amanda is a senior from Bethesda, Maryland studying Communications and American Culture. She initially joined MUSIC Matters because of her love of live music, and stayed because of the team’s passion for connecting the Michigan community. On campus, she is also a writer for Spoon University and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. In her free time, Amanda can be found spending time with friends, exploring Ann Arbor, and obsessing over Twitter trending topics. This year, she can’t wait to see MM’s Social Ventures and local events expand their reach.


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Noah Dobbertin - Co-President

Noah is a senior studying mechanical engineering from Batavia, New York. He first joined MM as a freshman with the goal of making friends who were passionate about music. In his experience he has found a community of incredibly driven people who care about making an impact on the U of M campus. Noah’s favorite part of his experience in MM has been being able to build relationships with different people and groups across the campus community and hearing why they are passionate about their organizations and causes. This upcoming year Noah is looking forward to building a close community between members of MM and its community partners!



Adam Seltzer - Chief of Staff

For his fourth and final year in MUSIC Matters, Adam is serving as Chief of Staff in hopes of improving the organization's membership and leadership experiences. He is pursuing a B.A in Organizational Studies and a Sales certificate. In his free time, he can be found at the gym, on Twitter, or, most frequently, analyzing the state of Nicki Minaj's career.


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Liz Abreu - Treasurer

Liz is a junior double majoring in psychology and philosophy, intending to pursue a law degree. She initially joined MUSIC Matters due to her love of concerts and her curiosity for how they are run. Beyond MUSIC Matters, Liz likes to spend her time outdoors whenever possible. This year, she is most excited for the chance to help create a more collaborative environment for MUSIC Matters as a whole.


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Grace Dellorto - Membership Development

Grace is a junior studying philosophy, politics, and economics. She was initially drawn to MUSIC Matters due to her background in musical performance, but quickly became passionate about the organizations’ mission of furthering educational accessibility. MUSIC Matters has provided Grace with amazing opportunities for personal growth and community engagement, and she is excited to create a similar experience for other members through her work this year!



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Jack Finkel - Fundraising Chair

Jack is a senior studying Data Science. He is excited to serve as fundraising chair this year because he believes he has an awesome team full of supportive people who all strive to accomplish everything MUSIC Matter’s seeks out to do.



Anna Groffsky - Head of Grassroots Fundraising

Anna is a junior from Edina, Minnesota. She is in the School of Information and is also minoring in Spanish. Anna joined MUSIC Matters her sophomore year after seeing the impact this club had on campus and the greater community. Outside of MUSIC Matters, Anna loves all things U of M (especially college basketball) and is involved in Out of the Darkness, serves as her sorority's VP of communications and conducts psychology research. This year, Anna is excited to coordinate efforts for some of our biggest fundraisers and help raise money for our Social Ventures.



Katie Wolberg - Head of Corporate Sponsorships

Katie is a sophomore from Huntington Woods, MI planning on studying information analysis through the School of Information. Katie joined MUSIC Matters to be a part of a community that shares her passions for music and social impact. In her free time, Katie likes to read historical fictions novels, discover new music, and spend time with her friends. This year she is looking forward to working with new, and old, corporate sponsors.



Abe Weiner - University Relations: Major Schools and Colleges

Abraham is a junior studying business from Ann Arbor, MI. Abraham joined MUSIC Matters because he is interested in how music and the arts can be used to educate and bring communities together. Abraham is looking forward to working with the greater Michigan community to help support MM’s mission and endeavors. Outside of MUSIC Matters, Abraham enjoys snowboarding and spending as much time outside as possible.


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Dasha Shvetsov - University Relations: Specialty Units and Programs

Dasha is a senior from Nyack, New York majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Computer Science. In her downtime, she is binge watching Shark Tank or trying out a new recipe. Her passions for event planning and hands-on social change are what inspired her to join MUSIC Matters. This year, she is excited to both capitalize on existing relationships with university units and to seek opportunities though new university programs in order to increase the impact of MUSIC Matters.




Lucy Freeman - Marketing


Lucy is a junior studying Communications, Performing Arts Management, and Writing. She served as Marketing Chair the second semester of last year and is excited to be back in the role again! She will spend her first semester in Sydney, Australia studying at the University of New South Wales, but she will be back on the ground in Ann Arbor starting in January. Lucy has worked as an intern at the University Musical Society and the Saugatuck Center for the Arts and enjoyed working as a Program Assistant for Arts at Michigan this past year.



Tal Lipkin - Marketing Co-Chair

Tal is a junior in the Ford School of Public Policy with a minor in middle eastern studies. Tal joined MUSIC Matters because she wanted to be a part of an organization that focuses on uniting people throughout U of M. In her free time, Tal enjoys going to concerts, trying new foods, and spending time outside. She can’t wait to get to work this upcoming semester!



Courtney Fortin - Head of Public Relations

Courtney is a sophomore who hopes to study Information Science with a minor in Business. While she initially joined MUSIC Matters to surround herself with other students passionate about music, she was enticed by MM’s efforts to use music as a catalyst for social change. She hopes to increasingly eulogize MM’s projects to the community to ensure MM’s mission is more prominent. Outside of MM, she devotes her time to drinking excessive amounts of coffee, petting dogs, and watching Saturday Night Live.



Gillian Wasserman - Head of Social Media

Gillian is a sophomore from New Jersey and plans on studying Information Science. She is always up for an ice cream run, an episode of Friends, and anything outdoors (when it’s not snowing in AA). Beyond its impressive mission, the uplifting and empowering culture is her favorite part about MUSIC Matters. She is so excited to head MM’s social media to stretch the span of its impact.


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Talia Rizika - Head of Guerrilla Marketing

Talia is a junior from Los Angeles, California. She initially joined MUSIC Matters for the DJ competitions, but she has gotten more involved in the club due to its ability to unite its club members and the greater Michigan community. In her free time, Talia can be found teaching spin classes, mixing music, and finding the best place to watch the sunset. She can’t wait to dedicate herself to this role in order to make this the best year yet!



Emily DeGregorio

Emily is a junior from St. Petersburg, Florida studying Sociology of Health & Medicine with a minor in Art & Design. She joined MUSIC Matters as a way to get more involved with the campus community and share her passion for music. Outside of MUSIC Matters, Emily loves to take pictures and volunteer at Michigan Hospital. She can’t wait to work with new members this year and expand the MM Brand!


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Michelle Fan - Creative and Graphic Design

Michelle is a junior studying communications and minoring in art. She joined MUSIC Matters to get more involved with the University of Michigan community and while pursuing her love for graphic design. In her free time, Michelle can be found bingeing a tv show, eating, and drawing. She is super excited to work with the everyone and is looking forward to continuing the great creative works of the previous years!


Social ventures


Lucie Rosenthal - Social Ventures Chair

Lucie is a senior from Huntington Woods, Michigan who is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Writing. Lucie joined MUSIC Matters because it perfectly combines two of her greatest passions: live music and social impact. During her free time, you can find Lucie making banana bread, blowing all of her money on concerts, or showing people pictures of her dog. This year, Lucie is looking forward to taking Social Ventures' presence to the next level both within MM and within the greater Michigan community.



Juliana Rose - Head of CoMMunity Partnership

Juliana is a senior studying Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN) in LSA. She joined MM and the Social Ventures Committee because of her love of being involved in the community and helping others. Outside of MM, she can be found watching movies, spamming her friends with new songs, and taking HUJI pictures of everything.



Kayla Ladis - Head of Scholarship and Engagement

Kayla is a senior from Miami, Florida studying Sociology and Marketing. She is excited to join the Social Ventures team after previously serving on leadership for Marketing and Fundraising. On campus, Kayla loves performing with her A Cappella group and is also a leader in Wolverine Support Network, student government, and her sorority.


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Haider Sabir - Head of MOvE High School Relations

Haider is a sophomore at the University of Michigan from Farmington Hills, Michigan. He is currently majoring in Movement Science at the school of Kinesiology, and is also minoring in music. Haider is excited to work with the Social Ventures team to create an amazing MOvE experience for 2020. Haider likes to listen to a wide variety of music in his free time and will begin research in the fall. You can catch Haider on the field at the Big House as he is a proud member of the Michigan Marching Band’s drumline.



Kat Stone - MOvE University Relations

Kat is a senior from Grand Rapids, Michigan studying psychology with a minor in biology. Kat joined MUSIC Matters because she wanted to make a positive impact on her community and quickly fell in love with Social Ventures and MOvE. In her free time, she loves listening to music, spending time with her friends, and binge-watching in bed. She is excited to work with the amazing SV team this year and can't wait to see MOvE become even better.


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Simon Keep - Head of CoMMunity Partnership

Simon is a senior studying Neuroscience in LSA. He joined Music Matters because of the focus on both the local community and music. Outside of MM, he enjoys watching sports and volunteering at local hospitals. He is excited to see where the CoMMunity Partnership continues to grow this year.




Tabitha Hendren - SpringFest Chair

Tabitha is a senior from Troy, Michigan studying Biomedical Engineering. She originally joined MUSIC Matters because it is the perfect combination between spreading music and positivity on campus while also giving back to the community. Three years later she stayed for the people, the incredibly unique experiences, and the opportunity to make an impact on our campus. When she's not working with her other organization, Out of the Darkness, she's most likely on north campus doing research or working on another enginerdy project. Tabitha is really looking forward to an even more impactful year and being able to share her love of MUSIC Matters' Social Ventures and appreciation for the diversity of our campus with the whole community.



Austin Camerini - Head of Brand Partnerships

Austin is a junior from New Rochelle, New York studying Statistics. Austin joined MUSIC Matters as a freshman after seeing the club's unique combination of embracing music culture and promoting positive change for the Michigan community. In his free time, Austin likes to play sports, vibe to good music, and spend time with friends. This year, he is excited to make SpringFest as engaging and memorable as possible.



Jessica Tung - Head of SpringFest Experience

Jessica is a junior from New York City pursuing a degree in Psychology and Communications. Jessica joined MUSIC Matters because she was inspired by the fact that such a diverse group of students were able to pull off a large-scale event like SpringFest. Beyond that, she has a love for all types of music and can always be found with earbuds in, bobbing her head to some good tunes. This year, she hopes to implement novel ideas to make MUSIC Matters as memorable as possible for all parties involved.


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Parnia Mazhar - Head of Student Impact

Parnia is a sophomore studying Political Science and Communications. She first joined Music Matters because of her passion for both playing and listening to music, and loves the events she has been able to be a part of through the club. Outside of MM, Parnia likes to dance, write for the Michigan Daily, and watch soccer. She is really excited for this year’s events and can’t wait to interact with the new club members and leadership team.



Fiona Story - Head of Community Engagement

Fiona is a junior from Santa Monica, California studying Movement Science in the School of Kinesiology as well as Spanish. Fiona joined MUSIC Matters to meet other people with a passion for music and to be able to use music to connect with the Ann Arbor community. Outside of MUSIC Matters, Fiona is involved in the Michigan Best Buddies chapter. In her free time, Fiona loves to go to concerts, hike, travel, cook, and go to the beach. This year, she is super excited to work with other organizations on campus to have a fun and impactful SpringFest!


talent & concert

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Naman Gupta - Talent and Concert Co-Chair

Naman is a junior from Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. He is studying business administration and is pursuing minors in computer science and performing arts management & entrepreneurship. Naman's interest in the local music scene and the social impact of music led him to join MUSIC Matters. Prior to his current role in MM, he served as the organization's treasurer. Outside of MM, he devotes his time to several student organizations, a personal music production project, learning magic tricks, and scrolling through LinkedIn.


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Gabby Franco - Talent and Concert Co-Chair

Gabby is a junior from Manhattan Beach, California majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Gabby initially joined MUSIC Matters because of her passion for performing and attending live music shows and her long term goal of becoming an entertainment lawyer. In her free time, Gabby enjoys running, listening to new podcasts, and looking at pictures of giraffes. This year she looks forwarding to providing a more engaging and exciting music market for students through local talent events and of course, SpringFest!



Ashvin Sharma - Head of Concert Experience

Ashvin is the Head of Concert Experience and a senior Mechanical Engineer. Ashvin joined MUSIC Matters because of his passion towards music, production and event management. He wanted to gain some real world experience in the music industry while playing a role in helping the Michigan community. Outside of MUSIC Matters, Ashvin likes to spend his time recording music and working on various design projects through the School of Engineering. This year, Ashvin is most excited about working specifically with the logistics of the night show while helping general members advance their understanding of the music industry.



Alex Kohan - Head of Artist and Concert Logistics

Alex is a sophomore at Michigan pursuing a career in Talent Agenting. At MUSIC Matters, Alex is the Head of Artist Relations and Concert Logistics. Alex grew up in Long Island, New York and distinguished himself with fluency in negotiation, music business, sales, leadership, and written/verbal communication. As a former signed musician, Alex continues to follow his passion for music from a business angle. MUSIC Matters interested Alex because it offered the ability to be involved in the music business while also engaging and improving the Ann Arbor community. Alex is also an active member of APG Presents and Greek Life, and is most excited about putting on an amazing SpringFest night concert.



Dante Yglesias - Head of Promotions and Operations

Dante is a junior who is currently studying business. He joined MUSIC Matters because of his passion for all things music. Outside of MM he hosts events that showcase local artists, plays multiple instruments in many projects, and is a frequent concert-goer. This year he is looking forward to the challenge of developing new ways of promoting MUSIC Matters events



Mira Housey - Co-Head of Local Talent

Mira is a senior in SMTD studying Music Production and business. She joined MUSIC Matters because she is passionate about helping local artists get their music recognized in the Ann Arbor community. Outside of MUSIC Matters she releases music by the name Miri Elle, and is the head of distribution for the Ann Arbor collective OSSI Music. Mira also loves fashion, is a huge foodie, and is excited for all the shows this year's MM team has in store!


Molly Wilson - Co-Head of Local Talent

Molly is a junior studying history. She joined MUSIC Matters because of her interest in performance and music business, and stayed for the amazing community it offered. Outside of MM, Molly is the VP of Fellowship for Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed community service fraternity on campus. She also enjoys playing guitar, teaching swim lessons, and drinking way too much iced coffee! This year, she hopes to get more of the Michigan community involved with MUSIC Matters.