MUSIC Matters CoMMunity Partnership


In the Fall of 2017, MUSIC Matters launched its newest social venture - “CoMMunity Partnership” - with the goal of maximizing the organization’s social impact on campus and within the local community.

What is the CoMMunity Partnership?

The CoMMunity Partnership is a grant that MUSIC Matters will be offering to one student organization on the University of Michigan’s campus in order to fund a specific project related to the mission of that organization.

Our CoMMunity Partner this year is Books for a Benefit, a fellow student nonprofit at Michigan that we are excited to support. By increasing the availability of books and academic resources, we hope to inspire and support young children's drive to learn. MUSIC Matters collected over one thousand book donations that were used to stock the new library. After planning closely with Books for a Benefit, visiting The Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village to gain a feel for the space, and shopping for all the materials necessary to create a warm space, MM members travelled to Flint to bring the vision to life. We painted, constructed, and danced… but more importantly, we were able to transform this former elementary school classroom into something empowering for the Flint community.

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