Our Commitment to DEI: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

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MUSIC Matters DEI Commitment

MUSIC Matters commits to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as values that will enable us to more fully accomplish our mission of using music as a unifying force. We will ensure that our internal structure and practices align with our mission and values.

As we strive to create opportunities that unite, celebrate, and advance members of our community, we welcome all representatives of the University of Michigan’s student body. We encourage our members to be fully and authentically themselves in our organization and at our events.

MUSIC Matters embraces students of all ages, races, ethnicities, national origins, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions, faiths and ideologies, cultures, socioeconomic statuses, and levels of physical and mental ability.

By intentionally integrating DEI into our organization, we will benefit from new perspectives, deeper learning, and stronger teamwork, leading to individual and organizational growth.