Local Artist Spotlight: OSSI Music

- Danny Ivanov, Head of Local Talent

For our first Local Artist Spotlight, we are incredibly excited to introduce OSSI Music! OSSI is a music collective of artists, producers, and performers that was born at the University of Michigan in 2016, and based right here in Ann Arbor.  Their influences stem from a wide range of styles, including soul, R&B, electronic, indie, and funk, allowing for a unique hybrid sound that is truly their own.

OSSI’s roster currently features MEBO, Miri Elle, Oren Levin, Pine Drive, Paul Sayour, you, and Saomi Nofia.  Each artist has their own unique sound and it’s worth diving into each one to explore!


Seeing OSSI perform live is absolutely essential.  Since their inception, OSSI has quickly established their presence in the Ann Arbor music scene, notably performing at The Blind Pig alongside local favorites The Kelseys and Jacob Sigman, as well as our very own SpringFest 2018.  Their smooth and high-energy shows highlight the refined musical talent present within this group. From virtuosic guitar solos to infectious chord progressions, or from soulful keys to powerful accompaniment by trumpet, these concerts feature members effortlessly trading instruments and roles, all working to best serve the song at hand.  OSSI’s natural chemistry highlights that this group is a music family above all else.

Yet another part of what makes OSSI so special is their in-house visual identity team, producing innovative and cohesive artwork that pairs remarkably well with each of their releases.  This team features Pine Drive with Animation & Graphic Design, Cooper Dune and Josh Knoller with Photography & Video, as well as Sarah Daly with Graphic Design.

This past Friday, OSSI released their incredible debut project, OSSI: Volume 1, a collection of 5 singles from the artists on their roster. It can be streamed everywhere now: