From the Presidents of MUSIC Matters

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- Ayla Ahmed & Grant Rivas, Co-Presidents

As incoming MUSIC Matters Presidents, we are incredibly excited for MUSIC Matters to kick off its 8th year at the University of Michigan. Over the past three years, we have seen the organization generate positive impact across campus and look forward to carrying on this work.


This year, we hope to center MUSIC Matters around our three key pillars: driving sustainable social impact, growing our on-campus events, and creating an exceptional membership experience. To achieve these goals, we are launching several new initiatives across the organization. We are expanding our CoMMunity Partnership grant, by now supporting two partner student organizations. Additionally, MUSIC Matters will be hosting its first ever fall concert on September 27th at Necto with headlining DJ duo Two Friends. We are also providing more opportunities for new members to gain exposure to the organization by offering more trainings, learning sessions, and early leadership opportunities.


During our time in the organization, MUSIC Matters has helped us form some of our closest friendships at Michigan and develop into better campus leaders. Student organizations are essential to creating an exceptional and inclusive campus community, and MUSIC Matters is proud to be a part of what makes Michigan the home of the leaders and best.

As MUSIC Matters continues to grow, we hope to share this wonderful organization with even more students. If you are interested in joining the MUSIC Matters community, come to our mass meetings on September 11th and 12th at 7pm in Blau 3580 or email us at!