Local Artist Spotlight: The Stellars

- Alex Lynch & Danny Ivanov, Local Talent

MUSIC Matters is pumped to present our second Local Artist Spotlight: The Stellars!

Raised in Ann Arbor, rock band The Stellars have solidified their place as a local favorite in the music scene throughout their time at the University of Michigan. Consistently proving themselves to students and townies alike through amazing shows in some of the area’s most noteworthy venues, as well as with a handful of outstanding releases, the group are basically rock legends. The Stellars currently feature Erez Levin on vocals, Dan Sagher on drums, Alex Fuchs on guitar, and Oren Levin on bass.

Photo courtesy of Josh Knoller

Photo courtesy of Josh Knoller

Today marks a self-proclaimed fresh start for The Stellars, as they transition from playing songs off of their 2016 album “Interthestellars” into a new era for the band. Along with the release of their brand new singles — collectively titled “The Stellars Release A Double Single 2: This Time It’s Two Songs Again” — the band will celebrate with an all-ages homecoming show tonight, January 25th, at The B-Side. Supported by close friends The Left Lanes and Nadim Azzam, the show is sure to be an exceptional, high-energy conversation between the band and the audience.

While their influences range all across the musical spectrum, the group says that this is their most punk-inspired music yet, expressed in a unique style The Stellars call “igneous rock.” The double single features a cover that is symbolic of the music it represents — a drawing of a futuristic city lies opaquely atop an image of the streets of Kerrytown late at night, intermingling the angst of the present and an excitement for the future. The double single includes tracks “The Distracted Age” (featuring the incredible Charlie Burg) and “Anakin, You’re Breaking My Heart!”.

Following this release, The Stellars say that we can expect small, consistent releases throughout the year. Due to their close connection to Ann Arbor’s music scene (most of the band grew up learning at the Ann Arbor Music Center and playing at the B-Side), the group is dedicated to connecting with the Ann Arbor community and University of Michigan students. Case in point, post a picture featuring their posters scattered around Ann Arbor and The Stellars promise to make you famous!

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