Kayla Ladis, Copywriter


This fall, MUSIC Matters launched our newest social venture – “CoMMunity Partnership” to maximize our social impact on campus and in the local community. MUSIC Matters puts on hype concerts and events, but more than that we immerse ourselves in social ventures to engage with and give back to our community along the way. MUSIC Matter’s own Head of New Social Venture Initiatives, Morgan Fenton, shared that “A big goal of this partnership is to get all members of MM more involved with social ventures, so we gave each individual a vote in who we chose to team up with this fall.”

Now what is the CoMMunity Partnership? We are offering a grant to a student organization at the University of Michigan that holds a compelling philanthropic mission. In this partnership, both organizations will support and promote one another’s greatest goods and MUSIC Matters specifically will offer the organization volunteers, a prime spot at SpringFest to showcase the partnership, and features in our marketing and social media campaigns. Over twenty student orgs applied and after narrowing it down to three, MM voted on:



“Books for a Benefit was founded to foster an appreciation and understanding of the benefits of literacy. Our organization aims to support our community by providing access to books and other academic resources through fun and productive environments. We recognize education as a path to innovation and success, and we dream of a world where that path is open to all students, regardless of background.”

Books for a Benefit will be using the grant for their Library Building Initiative. They travel to underprivileged community centers in order to create beautiful libraries full of donated books and a space where they can host read-aloud sessions. Their goal is to encourage students to read in order to promote academic drive, self-expression, and an appreciation of literature. Co-founders Nadine Jawad and Essam Al-Snayyan are both extremely passionate about their project. As the first ever recipient of the CoMMunity Partnership, we are thrilled to be working and volunteering with them for the 2017-2018 year!