Rene Diaz, Copywriter


Maria Malinowski is a senior from Troy, Michigan, and serves as MUSIC Matters’ Vice President. As a business major and entertainment lover, she was naturally drawn to the organization’s mission to unite Michigan’s campus and make positive social change through the power of music. As a freshman, Maria began as a member of the Fundraising team. She tried to be as engaged in the organization as possible, and strove to become even more involved in the following years; working as Head of Grants & Foundations and later Chief of Staff. She is now an integral part of the MUSIC Matters’ executive team, and can take sole credit of keeping Matt Ladis (our president) in check.

Maria’s favorite memories with MUSIC Matters have been the annual LA trips, which she was fortunate to be a part of these last two years. While the trip last November would be tough to beat, both experiences hold a special place in her heart as she was able to grow close to her fellow MM teammates, meet inspiring leaders in the entertainment industry, and gain insight on how to grow and enhance the organization upon returning to Ann Arbor.

In her free time, you can find Maria indulging in the Ann Arbor restaurant scene, going for runs, and hanging out with her friends. Next year, she will be working as an e-commerce analyst for Walmart. With graduation just on the horizon, she says SpringFest is without a doubt the best way to end her final semester at the University of Michigan. For those that will joining her at SpringFest ‘18 in April, Maria has some tips for how to make the most of it:

Bring as many friends as you can

If you’re on the fence, just do it! We’re bringing the concert right to your doorstep, with big names that won’t disappoint

Come early! We have some great local acts that you don’t want to miss

Get to know the artists once we announce the lineup, you might find your new favorite song!

Educate yourself about our causes, and how we contribute to the community. We love giving Michigan music to jam to, but we love creating a positive impact and social change even more!