Lily Dipietro, Copywriter


“I joined MUSIC Matters this past January as a general member, and I never thought that this org would provide me with so many opportunities that not only confirmed my passion for the music and entertainment industries, but more importantly gave me valuable and unique experiences as I look begin my career.”  -Miller Guth, Head of Sales & Promotion

Miller Guth is a sophomore studying History and Performing Arts Management. This year, he heads up Sales & Promotion for MM. In this role, he leads up promotional and marketing strategies for our live events, ranging from building a network of promoters to figuring out what students are actually listening to.

Born in Connecticut, he splits his time between Nashville and Cape Cod (when he’s not in Ann Arbor that is).  Music has been a huge part of Miller’s life since he was little. He began playing the piano at five years old. From there, his love for music was augmented; he participated in piano competitions around New England, played cello in his school orchestra, and taught himself to play the guitar. However, the real transition came when he was 14. This is when Miller really started appreciating electronic music and eventually started making music on his own.

With the help of Apple’s Logic Pro and other introductory courses, he began to learn the basics of producing music. Miller began releasing his music on Soundcloud, which helped launch him into the NYC club scene where he has opened for DJs like Krewella and Hardwell at venues like Pacha NYC and Pier 94. Miller now does the same at venues in Ann Arbor, and most recently opened up for artists like Audien and Cash Cash. When asked what his coolest experience in music has been, he explained it was a tie between being featured on Spotify’s “dance POP” playlist and having his song uploaded to the Trap Nation YouTube channel. These are two places where Miller loves to discover new music, so his features there were extremely humbling.

Clearly, Miller has a passion for music, a passion that helped land him at the University of Michigan. He chose Michigan because it gave him the ability to pursue both his passion for music along with a more general liberal arts degree. He is majoring in History with a Minor in Performing Arts Management in hopes of one day working for a company that creates, organizes, and markets concerts and festivals. This ties directly into Miller’s favorite part of music, the live entertainment side. He loves that music has the power to bring thousands of people together. Having experienced live music as a fan, intern, and artist and performer, hopefully the next stage of his life he will be able to experience the music world from the business side.

If you want to check out his music for yourself, you can find him here on Spotify, and here on Apple Music.