Kayla Ladis, Copy Director


“The heart of an organization’s success lies in its marketing.” 


Through our digital content, public relations, press outreach, and onsite guerrilla marketing, MUSIC Matters continuously strives to make ourselves known on campus and in the community. This ambitious undertaking can be attributed to our devoted marketing committee, led by our very own Natasha Desai.

Natasha is a senior from Boston double majoring in Communications and International Studies. As a freshman, she joined MUSIC Matters as a member of the student organizations team of the SpringFest committee. She worked closely with the Marketing team to produce branding packets for SpringFest, and since then has worked tirelessly to support and promote the growth of MUSIC Matters in a number of ways. As the current Marketing Chair, Natasha manages the marketing committee, its student leaders, and numerous marketing projects from social media campaigns to diag days.

One of her favorite experiences in MUSIC Matters has been the library build in Flint with our CoMMunity partners Books for a Benefit. She enjoyed seeing our social ventures initiatives translate into having a tangible impact, and was proud to be a part of the process. Outside of MM, Natasha loves baking and cooking, which her committee also loves as they are frequent beneficiaries. As a television addict, she prides herself on trying to see at least one episode of every show. Though as of now, her favorite is Homeland. She loves travelling and has been fortunate enough to go abroad four times in college - with her favorites being Krakow and Copenhagen.

Natasha’s dream is to be the next Anthony Bourdain, spending her days travelling, eating, and meeting people around the world. We wish her the best in that endeavour, but for now, her plan post graduation is to work in London or Berlin in food media or account management for an advertising firm. As a member of the marketing committee myself, I can truly say that Natasha inspires me and the whole team with her leadership, creativity, persistence, dedication, and cupcake contribution.