Get Excited for MUSIC Matters 2016-2017!





Guess what? IT’S AUGUST, which means a new and exciting semester is just a couple of weeks away! The MUSIC Matters executive team wanted to reach out to YOU – a fabulous club member who we’re excited to see back with the team in the Fall – to give you an update on the awesome stuff we’ve been working on this Summer and what we have planned for the Fall.



2015 // 2016 RECAP

  • Migos: THIS awesome video was made and then Migos lit up the stage at Hill Auditorium

  • Open Mic Night: We hosted extremely successful Open Mic Nights at the Kerrytown Concert House and Circus!

  • SpringFest: 8 non-University sponsoring organizations and over 40 student organizations filled the diag to engage with students throughout the day

  • Fundraising: Last year you sent more than 500 letters to family and friends to raise over $13,500, and helped to raise $8,300 from Giving Blue Day donations




  • MUSIC Matters Picnic: Get excited for a fall picnic with all of MUSIC Matters, during which you can meet new and old members

  • MUSIC Matters Website Revamp: Keep an eye out for an exciting new look!

  • MUSIC Matters Welcome Week Bar Night: Location still to be determined, but it will be a fun way to reconnect with MM before classes start!




  • Pistons Partnership: Grants the MUSIC Matters team the opportunity to attend a Q&A session with executives from The Palace followed by a Pistons Game

  • Volunteer Opportunities: There will be more and better opportunities this year for you to get involved with (see a “save the date” for one below!)

  • MUSIC Matters Curriculum: This is an opportunity for you to take part in a variety of workshops with professors and leaders in their fields to enhance real-world skills useful to your work in and outside of MUSIC Matters

  • MUSIC Matters Summer Camp: The theme of the camp will be “Civic Leadership”, with each day focused on a leader in a different industry and how they are giving back to their community

  • Facebook Group Early Launch: We are launching a new MUSIC Matters Facebook group next week in order to get a head start on keeping you in the loop




  • September 5: Northfest (11 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

  • September 9: Festifall (3 - 7 p.m.)

  • End of September: Mass Meetings

  • October 4: Kerrytown Open Mic Night

  • October 12: Student Leaders Gala & Auction

  • October 21: Volunteer event with Growing Hope (more info HERE)


In the coming weeks, we encourage you to take a little time to reflect on your participation in MUSIC Matters last year and consider how you would like your involvement to look this year. Is there something specific you would like to work on this year? Do you have a great, new vision you want to see in action? Regardless of what you decide to reflect on, be sure to GET HYPE, because this year in MUSIC Matters is going to be WILD.